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2017 workshops


In 2017 I hope to run a series of workshops exploring how our relationship history has influenced us and how we can move forward to make dating in 2017 more enjoyable and efficient. These will be smaller groups for people of a similar age who can support each other on a journey of self-discovery and have fun at the same time!

Workshop 1
How has my past affected my relationship needs?
What patterns of behaviour in relationships do I want to change?
What are my assumptions, beliefs and values about relationships and dating?

Workshop 2
What is known about the science of dating?
How can I make 21st century dating work for me?

Workshop 3
How do I know if someone is right for me?
What makes relationships work?
How do I deal with endings in a healthy way?

If you are interested, please fill in the form below with your age, sexuality and specific self-development needs. (Your details of course will not be passed onto other delegates.)

Past Events

Dating Tips night at the Divorce Club Meetup in Bloomsbury

24th November 2016

A fun, relaxed evening exploring the world of dating, with activities and discussions in pairs and groups. We covered:

  1. What kind of person should you be looking for? Are you ready to date?
  2. Online dating tips: which sites to use, how to set up a profile, what photos to use, what kind of messages to send, where to go on a first date
  3. Making the most of your dates with interesting questions and conversation starters.

(Join the Divorce Club meetup here  – not just for divorced people – you can be separated or be recovering from any long term relationship. We are a welcoming, supportive group who meet once a month for drinks, picnics, etc.

Visit our fab new website at for support and resources for those going through a divorce!)

20 people attended.

Rachel’s dating workshop is a fun, fabulous and flirty event. She’s a great host, delivering her hard won, smart insights  into the dating scene in a truly  warm and engaging way and always with a twinkle in her eye. Planning and execution were excellent. She devised activities that were highly effective in getting us all to share ideas and experiences.  Witty, acerbic and never shy of making the odd controversial comment on the baffling world of internet dating, Rachel seemed an old hand.” 

“Really useful for learning how to navigate the modern dating scene.”

“A very useful introduction to dating.”

“Very helpful for us men to hear the woman’s perspective on dating!”

“I learnt that men have a very different dating experience from women.”


“Great fun yesterday, lovely men, gorgeous women, interesting and fun workshop. What’s not to like?”

“Well thought out and entertaining workshop.”

“Really brilliant.  I really enjoyed it.”

“Comprehensive and practical advice.”

“Rachel presents very well and is very funny!”

The New Penge Dating Network

 Thursday 1st December


Pub Psychology Meetup Interactive talk in Earls Court:

The psychology of dating

Tuesday 6th December 2016

Are you bewildered by the way your dates behave? Do you wonder what is going on in the minds of the people you chat with on dating sites?

This was an interactive talk as part of  a regular Pub Psychology meetup group, covering:

  • What attracts us to others? Are we attracted to the right people?
  • Are there cultural and gender differences in dating that I need to be aware of?
  • What should I be looking for in a partner to have a successful relationship?
  • What happens when we treat dating like shopping?
  • What’s the effect of the illusion of too much choice that dating sites create?
  • Can the dating site algorithms predict compatibility?
  • Why do dates never live up to my expectations when I meet them in real life?
  • How do I get a reply to my messages online?

25 people attended.

“Really enjoyed evening – interactive, insightful, engaging, interesting.”

“I liked the relevant data and studies!”

“Thank you for the lecture. It was indeed interesting.”

“I appreciated your personal comments.”

Science Comedy Night

February 21, 2017

Star of Kings, King’s Cross N1 OAX

I talked about dating as a form of intergroup contact.

Talk: The psychology of dating

Monday March 27, 2017

Meetup event from Interesting Talks Meetup Group

60 people attended.

“Rachel brings a nice witty approach to dating.”

“I really enjoyed your talk – especially the sections about messaging and how to be more concrete in your dating profile.”

“Rachel’s talk was very interesting and interactive – she has a wealth of information to offer especially on those potentially challenging first few weeks of dating. Really enjoyed the talk and gained a lot of insight. Thank you, Rachel.”

“Rachel’s excellent course was both interesting and entertaining, offering invaluable practical tips and advice supported by scientific research results.”

“Rachel’s dating talk was informative and word to the wise of anyone who chooses to enter the lion’s den of 21st century dating.  Rachel provides all the proverbial tools without having to enter fully kitted in combat gear or with a lifelong membership with BUPA!”

“Rachel’s talk was excellent. It was a lot of fun asking unusual questions to make deep connections. I met some fascinating people who can become friends. It gave me more confidence to meet women in real life.”

“Rachel’s talk was very informative and fun. She gave a great insight into the psychology of dating along with great advice when approaching the opposite sex online. I will definitely be more mindful of what I learnt when messaging women.”

“The talk was informative and fun; for someone who’s been dreading dating, it helped me to see dating as just another activity to enjoy and experience thanks to your tips. I don’t feel reluctant anymore!”

“Fun research findings, useful practical tips (e.g. keep your initial online message to a person short), and a chance to interact with others in the room.  An evening well spent!”