What people say about Rachel

“Rachel has given me a lot of detailed advice and feedback on the way I message women online. Before her input, I had not got any dates over a year, but after just a couple of hours of her input, I got two dates! I’ve learnt a lot about what women value and how to communicate. Now we’re working on conversational skills during the dates! Rachel is very dedicated and passionate about making dating more successful.”
 “Rachel knows her stuff! She combines a love of psychology with a great network of friends (her guinea pigs!) and a sprinkling of her own dating experiences to give great advice which has in my personal experience been very effective. I ask her for random dating advice all the time!”

“Rachel is an exceptional counsellor and coach – a wonderful listener who asks the right questions to get to the very heart of a problem. Passionate, wise and thoroughly INSPIRATIONAL!”

“Rachel gives great advice that has helped me sort out some difficult problems. She has enabled me to see things from others’ perspective, and has inspired me to change the way I deal with situations. Rachel is one of the few adults I feel comfortable talking to and has many creative ideas that has impacted and benefited my thinking.” 

“Rachel advised me on how to edit my online profile and after getting almost no messages for six months, I have now been seeing someone for ten weeks! Thank you, Rachel!”

“Before talking to Rachel I had considered that my anxieties and concerns would not be understood by others. Rachel has proved me wrong. I have found her to be extremely insightful and wise, possessing what appears to be a natural gift in understanding how people relate to one another and how they formulate thoughts, opinions, and emotions.  Her guidance held much weight and credibility. Much of what she had advised has resonated with me deeply, causing me to reflect on my perspective, and helping me to cherish situations which I had otherwise seen as failures and obstacles.”

“Rachel has been helping me for around five months with dating and gives such genuine, honest advice which really works. She prepared me for how when you develop online relationships, the face-to-face experience doesn’t live up to expectations and she was completely right! Rachel is not afraid to be honest (even if the truth is not what you want to hear) which has helped me so much. She has given me the confidence and the social skills to express and be honest about my own needs. My approach towards dating has improved dramatically.”

“Over the last few months, I have experienced some difficult challenges in my love life, which have been very painful and involved facing up to reality. Rachel has been very supportive, focusing on my sense of self-worth, what I need in a relationship, and how I need to deal with endings and a feeling of rejection differently. Rachel has been gentle but firm, wise and patient. I would definitely recommend her for helping to make sense of your relationship needs.”

“Rachel’s help setting up a profile and learning the ropes of online dating has been invaluable. Her advice on choice of photos, wording on the content of the profile, and insights into appropriate ways to message women have been second to none. I was very impressed with her knowledge of all the latest research on dating which was so relevant. I would strongly recommend her to anyone new or old to dating!”

Rachel’s dating workshop was a fun, fabulous and flirty event. She’s a great host, delivering  her hard-won smart insights  into the dating scene in a truly warm and engaging way and always with a twinkle in her eye. Planning and execution were excellent. She devised activities that were highly effective in getting us all to share ideas and experiences.  Witty, acerbic and never shy of making the odd controversial comment on the baffling world of internet dating, Rachel seemed an old hand.” 

“I had quite severe social anxiety before I met Rachel today. I always wanted to approach women on the street or in the shopping mall, especially those women I was attracted to, just to say hello and give them an honest compliment. But the fact is I have never done it before… until today… I asked for Rachel’s help today and everything has changed. I approached a lot of women and I finally did something very, very important in my life. I took action. I wouldn’t be have been able to do that without Rachel’s help. I can’t be more grateful for her help to show me my own (very well tucked away) hidden confidence and I can hardly believe that I could actually do that. I wholeheartedly recommend Rachel’s coaching to any man who wishes to overcome their own social anxiety. She is a lovely person and her help is worth gold for you to find the woman you deserve. After the session I actually found myself continuing to approach more and more women… and it felt amazing doing something that I had never done before.”

“Meeting Rachel was great, she was easy to talk to and very relaxed. We chatted about a few issues I had about dating in those early weeks. I was actually considering walking away from a new relationship, but after talking these things through we came up with some practical steps that I could take to help. Rachel also helped me to think more deeply about why my concerns were so important to me and why they were having such an impact on this new relationship. After meeting with Rachel I felt more equipped to change some of my responses and communicate more effectively about what’s bothering me with my new man. I thought it was going to be awkward talking about it, but it was better than fine … It was amazing! I now feel more confident to really talk about things rather than letting them fester. Thank you Rachel!”

“Rachel approached her dating consultation with me in good spirit and good humour. You will feel at ease with her and it will be obvious that she relies on a vast pool of statistics. I think that for whatever you get from her the cost is reasonable and worth every penny.”